Generators and Hurricanes

This information is SPECIFICALLY for consumers who have a "whole house" generator and a Propane fuel tank. Customers who have these systems exclusively, without any other gas appliances, fall in to a different category then our regular customers. Speaking for most all propane gas companies in South Florida, these "Generator only" customers, are NOT our regular customers.


Consumers who have these systems, do not regularly have frequent service deliveries, that keep Gas companies in business. Our primary customers that allow us to pay our employees, our leases, buy and maintain vehicles, licensing, insurance costs, and many, many more expenses, are our commercial and residential customers that do business with us daily, weekly, monthly, and throughout the year.


"Generator" customers, for the most part, are almost a one time, over many years, customer. And only request deliveries, when all companies are already busy during a storm situation, dealing with getting their regular customers and emergency relief staging areas set up for the Propane they need to fuel their generators and mobile kitchens.


Also understand, that every year, thousands of consumers are adding generators and propane tanks to their homes in South Florida, however, the few dozen gas companies still run with the same number of employees and fuel delivery trucks.


There are already tens of thousands of generator systems, and with the ratio of tanks to be filled vs the number of drivers and trucks available, it would take months to refill all the tanks out there, if there were a major catastrophe. So do not for one moment, think, that just because you have a nice, big propane tank for your generator, that somehow, you are always going to be able to get a delivery right away.


Could be a few days, a week, two weeks, or a month. Maybe never, if you don't have a current relationship with a supplier. We have many years of experience dealing with this, and can tell you first hand, that there have been many people, who have spent thousands to tens of thousands for these generator systems, and when they needed it the most, found they had NO fuel, and could not get a company to respond to their demand for a delivery.


ALL of us Propane Gas companies, find that when our state is in within a week of a potential storm landfall, suddenly thousands of unprepared, panicked consumers, overwhelm and basically shut down our phone systems. In being prepared, and knowledgeable with your propane system, you will find a company that will want to have you as a customer!


Customers of Hogan Gas Co.

To have us provide the service you need, please follow the guidelines below:

  • You must have AT LEAST, a 7 day amount of fuel storage in your tank, to run your generator. You must know the amount of fuel your generator uses per hour vs the amount of fuel in your tank.  Ask your generator installer, or use an internet search to figure this out. You can conserve your consumption of fuel, by limiting the amount of electrical draws from your house. Use ONLY what electricity you need to stay comfortable. The more electrical demands you place on your generator, the harder it works, using more fuel.

  • Always have your tank topped off between May and the end of June, so that you start the Hurricane season with a FULL tank, and don't need to contact us during that rush, prior to a landfall storm.

  • When trying to contact us during a crisis, please send us an email to "hogangas@aol.com". This will allow us to respond throughout the day and evening as best as possible. Remember, all the panicked, unprepared people are already jamming our phone lines, and makes it impossible for us to answer the calls.  If you need to, you can also go by our office for assistance, during the day.

  • You absolutely, MUST, know how to read your gauge level on your tank. It is critical, as you need to monitor your fuel levels, and we need to know from you, the levels, so we can manage your fuel allotment in our tank truck when we route deliveries. If you don't know how to locate your gauge, please contact us during normal conditions, and we will be happy to educate you.

  • If we have not been to your address in five or more years, and you did not have your tank topped off by us at the start of this current storm season, DO NOT contact us. We will not service you, as we are already committed to our current customers. We also, do NOT, take on any new business, once we enter a week before a potential storm.

  • Once a storm has made landfall, affecting our community, we do not run our tank trucks on the roads, until the major intersections are controlled, and road conditions are safe for our drivers. If your power has been out for more then 3 days, with the generator running, send us an email to let us know, as well as you current gauge reading on your tank. When we respond to your request, we will also ask that you let us know if your power has been restored before your scheduled delivery, so that we can route someone else in your place, who's power is still out.

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