Liquid Propane Gas

Be ready in case of an emergency with propane safety tips from Hogan Gas Co.  Although we specialize in Propane fuel delivery, we also make client education a priority. Our best customers are the ones who ask questions, and have concerns that their gas systems are safe and problem-free! 



Turning Off the Gas

Do you know how to turn off your gas? You should. Just as it’s important to know how to turn off your water should a pipe burst, you need easy access to your gas shut-off valve where the gas pipe enters your home.

If your LP tank is above ground, the easiest way to turn off the gas is by just closing the service valve. Just like a faucet, turn it clockwise to close!  If you have an underground system, your tank shut off valve may not always be easy to access.


However, there should always be an easy to access shut off valve on the gas line coming up out of the ground to enter your home, or outside appliance. Get familiar with your gas system, and you will be more at ease knowing how safe Propane gas is!   If you need guided instructions or assistance , please  contact us!



Following Maintenance Instructions

Be sure to follow the manufacturer guidelines and appliance precautions when you periodically examine the main components of your propane appliance:

• Heat Exchanger

• Draft Diverter

• Venting System

• Pilot & Main Burner

If you think you see deterioration or corrosion, please call us.
Contact us to learn how to operate your propane systems properly.