At Hogan Gas Co, we take pride in educating clients and potential customers on the few but important propane appliance precautions. Our safety tips are just part of the outstanding service you receive from our propane gas company.


Major Tips

When it comes to propane appliance or heating tank installation and service, never take chances:

1. Have Your Appliance(s) & Venting System(s) Installed & Serviced by Qualified Professionals (Like Us)

2. Appliances that Require Venting Must Be Installed with an Adequate Ventilation System.

3. If You See Unusual Moisture Build-Up on Inside Windows & Walls, Get a Professional to Determine if You Have a Faulty Venting System.

4. Periodically Check the Burner Flame’s Color (Yellow Often Indicates an Inadequate Air Supply).

5. If Your Appliance is Used, Request an Owner’s Manual from the Manufacturer & Only Get Qualified Service People (Like Us) to Install It.

If you think you see warning signs of bad ventilation or incomplete combustion, call in our experts. You can also read up on the National Fuel Gas Code (NFPA #54 and #58) and state and local codes that apply to your area.



Important For Your Information

Propane fueled appliances, when installed, maintained, and serviced properly, can provide a lifetime of efficient comfort for you and your family.

Make you sure you NEVER:

1. Store or Use Gas Appliances or Other Flammable Materials Near Your Appliance.

2. Operate Heating Appliances unless All Access Panels & Filters are in Place.

3. Use a Heating Appliance if Any Part Has Been Immersed in Water or Subject to Flooding.

4. Tamper with any Appliance controls or Components.

5. Add on So-Called Energy-Saving Devices unless They are Listed in NFPA #54 and 58# Codes.


Report All Emergencies

If you suspect a problem with your appliance, piping, or gas tanks, call us immediately. If you smell gas, extinguish any open flames and shut off the gas supply. Vacate the building and do not go back in until we advise it is safe.

If you have propane safety concerns, contact us.